Since 1992 a plant that is the environmental protection and energy saving in the first place, constantly upgrading technology and facilities, actively cooperate with the government policy, to build a green ecological city. In order to protect the living environment of human beings, make a little effort.

Exhaust resolution



RTO regenerative combustion exhaust gas treatment system

RTO regenerative combustion waste gas treatment system, an energy-saving environmental protection equipment for treating high concentration volatile organic waste gas, will exhaust the oxidation of carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O), the exhaust gas decomposition efficiency of 99%;

On-line monitoring system



On-line monitoring system of sewage

On-line monitoring system of sewage disposal monitors the sewage disposal all day, and monitors COD and ammonia nitrogen on-line. According to the online data, we improve the sewage treatment and can reach three stage of Sewage Disposal Standard in national textile industry

Sewage disposal



Sewage treatment equipment

Sewage treatment equipment, at present its sewage disposal capacity can reach 3,250 tons every day